TG Macro Download - TGM Gaming Macro for Windows, Mac, Linux

TG Macro is the most underrated macro tool with all great attributes. The design and the User Interface is super simple for any new gamer. If you would like to Download TGM Gaming Macro for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, we are here to help you on this.

It can handle multiple macros at once. You can create any number of macros and assign them the keys to start and stop. The best part is that you can export the projects that you have created. Exported project will be saved as yourprojectname.tmacroproj (for example: robloxscript.tmacroproj). However, you can load the project whenever you want to make use of it. Interesting right? let’s explore even more hands on after you download it on your pc.


TGM Gaming Macro Download Free for Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7

TGM Gaming Macro is the full name of the TGMacro software. So, both names are same only; they are not different. We have shared the most recent version i.e., TGMacro v2.1 installer file and portable file along with the most stable TGMacro v2.0.0 below.

TGM Gaming Macro Download

Note: The TGM v2.1 is available with some minor changes to the previous bugs reported by the users. The developers have fixed all those issues in the latest version. But the UI glitch is still there and you may not be able to feel comfortable with the latest version. Don’t worry, the most stable version v2.0.0 is still there and working like a charm.

When you hit the above download button, you may see the restrictions from your web browser (commonly seen on Google Chrome). Let’s follow the below steps to fix it.

tgm gaming macro download issue

  • Hit “Show All” button as indicated in the above image.
  • Now, you will be navigated downloads section of your browser.

keep file safely on pc

  • Hit the second option “Keep file” to save it to your pc. Check above image for clear idea about it.
  • If you see any popup askin for the confirmation, hit “Yes” or “OK” to save the file.

That’s all! you can now enjoy installing it on your pc. In case if you wish to look for some alternatives, check below.

Best Alternatives:

Download the TGMacro.exe for Windows 10, windows 11 or older. Once the downloading is over, check out the instructions to install tgmacro on pc


TGM Gaming Macro v2.0:

  • Compression removed
  • Obfuscation removed
  • Complete source code is now visible via ildasm

TGMacro v1.09:

  • Cloning actions fixed
  • Adjusting timings fixed

TGMaco v1.08:

  • Progress bar is added to Test button to show the progress of the test
  • Cancel option is added test button for cancelling the test
  • Minimize button is added to Action Editor and Main Window of the TGM Macro
  • Adjust all wait actions in action list feature is added to Action Editor
  • Bugs fixed for record feature
  • Add new actions below each selected actions feature is added to Action Editor

TGMacro v1.07:

  • Fixed Merging Libraries
  • Compressing resource causing false alters is fixed

TGMacro v1.06:

  • Added Text Action to the action editor
  • Screen color and position of the cursor can be obtained separately
  • Record button is changed from it’s location and moved to record settings
  • Mouse Click Speed is increased
  • Windows key not working bug fixed
  • Old project is still working even when project is added bug fixed

TGMaco v1.05:

  • High CPU usage from Pixel Event while running and not running bug fix

TGM Gaming Macro Download for Mac OS X [Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac]

The bitter fact is that TG Macro is not available for Mac OS X based devices. It means that you cannot use this software on your macbook pro or macbook air. Do not worry about that, you can download the dedicated mac software from below.

Above two software are the best macro tools for mac os x. I guess they are paid but, don’t worry they must have trail period. Keep checking this space for free software and few other alternatives.

TGM Gaming Macro Download for Linux Mint, Ubuntu

Software availability for linux based computers is very less. There are a very few software in each category so as Macro Creation Tools. We have found out some very good macro tools for you.

We have shared the github pages of the developers. You can visit the pages and read the instructions available there, for installation. Comment below this page if you need any help regarding installation of the above software on your linux computer.

I hope you have download the latest version of TGM Gaming Macro v2.0 for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 PC. If you are using Mac or Linux computer and looking for an alternative to TMacro, consider the suitable software mentioned above. Thank you so much for reading this page contents. We appreciate your feedback in the comments.

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