Frequently Asked Questions


1. How To Get TG Macro?

You can download tg macro from the website or from the Both the resources are genuine and completely safe.

2. How To Install TG Macro?

It is a standalone software which don’t require the traditional installation process. Just download the exe file of the software and double click the same to launch it. On the other hand, you can also right click on the software and tap “Run As Administrator” option.

3. How To Open TG Macro?

As said earlier, yo can open the software whenever you want, without having to install it on your pc. Just go to the setup file and launch it like you open a folder or any other file on pc.

4. How To Setup TG Macro?

First, open the software and hit “Add New Macro” option which can be seen at the bottom right corner of the home screen. Now, go trough all the available options such as Trigger Actions By, Key Pressed, Key Toggled and Hotkey Settings to and set things up.

5. How To Use TG Macro?

In order to start using it, you first need to create a macro. Once the macro is created, you should bind the macro to a hotkey. If you are ready with it, launch the game that you want to play and hit the hotkey to start using it.

6. Is TG Macro Safe?

Yes! it is a safe software and you can use it on your personal computer without facing any issues.

7. Is TG Macro A Virus?

No. It is not a virus neither a malware. If you have any doubts, you may scan the software using any anti virus software on your pc.

8. Does TG Macro Work On Mac?

No. It is developed for windows based computers only. Thus it doesn’t work on a macbook or any other operating system. If you want a macro creator for mac, you can use Mahdi Auto Clicker from website.

9. Can You Get Banned For Using TG Macro?

Definitely No. It won’t violate any rules of the games that you play. But it is always recommended to follow the game ruless and don’t exploit it very much.

10. Can I Download TG Macro for Android?

No. It is not available for android devices. If you want to use it on your android devices, it has to be available as an apk file and it’s not. So, you cannot use it on your android devices.

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