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OP Auto Clicker is the most popular and best auto clicker software for games especially. Even though a lot of people from other categories such as developers, testers, employees use it, majority of it’s users are gamers only. We can state that OP Auto Clicker is a best alternative to TG Macro in various aspects. Let’s explore more about it through this article today.

To make things clear and wipe out the myths, op auto clicker is not a pure macro creating software. It is more of an auto clicker software. It means that you cannot create macros in it.

op auto clicker download pc

But you will be able to generate automatic clicks. It won’t help you with the keyboard key automation. Would you still like to download op auto clicker? then, continue with the article for few more seconds.


Features Of The OP Auto Clicker 4.0:

There are a lot of advantages that make way for you especially while playing your RPG Games, Shooting Games, Clicker Games, etc. Check out the below advantages for more clarity about the software.

  • Simple UI:

The user interface of the op autoclicker is just as simple as a basic software that you can get anywhere. There is nothing confusing unlike the pulover’s macro creator. I hope you got my point about the user interface.

One can easily navigate from one corner of the screen to the another corner. On the other hand, you can make it stay on top of the other applications on your pc.

  • Customize Time Delay Between Clicks:

This is one of the rarest features when it comes to the matter of the auto clickers. It is super easy to set the time delay between the clicks by going to the Click Interval settings. Whenever you want faster clicks, you can modify the milliseconds to anything below 500 milliseconds.

On top of that, you can also mention the software about the slow clicks. Enter anything about 1000 milliseconds or apply the time delay in the form of seconds to get slow clicks. Check How To Speed Glitch In Da Hood Game.

  • Clicks From Left, Right, Middle Mouse Buttons:

Let’s say that you need clicks from the left mouse button. You can pick the left mouse button under the click type menu. You may also pick right or middle mouse button to receive clicks accordingly. It is clearly evident that you can get the single click or a double click based on your requirement.

  • Clicks At Present Cursor Location or Different Locations:

OP Auto Clicker allows you choose between the current cursor location and custom location. It is completely your choice to select where you want the clicks to deploy. In my opinion, it’s always a good thought to go with the current location of the curor in order to receive clicks where you place your cursor while playing the games.

Selecting the predefined screel location for the clicks will waste your health in the game. Thus resulting in bad gaming experience. Don’t go for the custom location until and unless you know the purpose of it.

  • Record & Playback Options:

This option will help you click at various places on the screen. The OP Auto Clicker will record everything that you do on the screen. Let’s say for example that you want to have clicks at various locations, you turn on record option and click on the locations where you want clicks.

That recording will be saved, you can enable it with a favorite hotkey while playing the game. OP Auto Clicker will repeat the task the way you did while creating the recording. TinyTask has playback speed options that you may want for faster or slower playback of the macro.

OP Auto Clicker Download For Windows 10/11/8.1/7 PC

OP AutoClicker is available everywhere in the internet. But the official website is https://opautoclicker.com/ and you may also go to the sourceforce page to download the most recent version. I believe that you don’t need to go anywhere because you are already here. Let’s download op auto clicker for pc right from below.

   Download Here (v4.0)

   Download Here (v3.0)

For Mac:

Once you are done with the downloading procedure, you can now start using it on your pc. Need help? let’s check out the below section where we have shared exclusive tips. Want to try out the other alternative software? check out the list of alternatives that we have written down.

If you want have even more faster clicks, here is the guide that we have written about the Speed Auto Clicker.

How To Use OP Auto Clicker On PC?

You don’t have to install op autoclicker on pc in order to use it. Yes, you’ve read it correct! it’s because that it is a standalone software. You can just double click the software to launch it and you don’t need to do anything else.

  • Go to the folder of the OP Auto Clicker PC Software on your device.
  • Select the software, right click on it and hit “Run as administrator”.
  • The op autoclicker on your windows pc will be opened up and it will always stay on top of the other windows.
  • Configure it the way you want it to work.
  • Set the click interval, choose the mouse button, click type and click repeat options. Select the Cursor location as well and you are done.
  • Hit “Run” or press the hotkey that you have assigned to start and stop the op auto clicker app.

Need a better software? why don’t you try out the alternatives. We have listed some of the easiest softwares to handle while creating the macros and editing the macros.

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