Synapse X Download – #1 Script Executor for Roblox Games

Synapse X is one of the most popular script executors for roblox games. A lot of gamers are willing it to use it on their pcs because of it’s Clean UI, Smoothness and ability to run all kinds of scripts. If you want to play roblox with custom scripts, you should download it from this page.

There are many script executors known as exploits but all are not same. When it comes to the user interface and the potentiality to run scripts of various scripting languages, Synapse X stands out to be the best among the crowd.


How Synapse X Works?

To be precise, it is a software designed to write, edit and execute the scripts for roblox and other games. Gamers can write their own piece of script or download the scripts from the internet and edit them to their convenience.

On top of that, the gamers and developers can execute the scripts to get the cheats for their favorite games. If the script has any errors, SynapseX will highlight the errors and the gamer can correct the script by editing.

There are a lot of customization options available for the users. In other words, we can say that it is one of the finest script injectors out there. Not to forget, it is capable of executing the scripts written in all programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, etc.

Download and install it on your windows pc, launch it and enter the script that you want to exploit. Hit “Execute” and you are done, you can minimize the software and start playing the games. This is how it works! smoothly and at it’s best.

Would You Like To Try Out Better Executors?

Synapse X Download for PC [Windows 10/11/8.1/7] 32 Bit, 64 Bit

Synapse X for Windows PC is readily available for download. If you are using a mac device, you should either try out Fluxus or Scriptware. Because it is not avaialble for mac os x devices. Okay, let’s go ahead and download it for the windows based pcs from below.

     Download Here

  • If you are using the Google Chrome browser to download it, you may see the restriction for download by the browser.

unable to download synapse x launcher

  • Now, you can see the “Show all” option as indicated in the below image. Click on that option to get the downloads tab of the google chrome.

synapse download free

  • Now, you will be able to see the options as shown in the below image.

synapse roblox download

  • Hit the right side button to keep the file to your pc. It does mean that you have allowed chrome to download it to your pc.

The above download link is taken from the synapsex official website. So, you don’t need to worry about the software and it’s files. Let’s now see how to use it on your windows pc.

How To Install SynapseX on Windows 11/10/8.1/7 PC?

You might find it difficult with the installation if you are a newbie. Following are the instructions that you can follow in order to install it without any kind of issues.

  • The very first thing is to download synapse launcher for roblox from the above section. If you have trouble downloading it, kindly follow the tips shared above.
  • Go to the Start Menu on Windows pc. Type “Virst & Threat Protection” in the search bar and click it once you see it.

install synapse x on pc

  • Click on “Manage Settings” under Virus & threat protection settings option.

turn off windows defender for synapse executor

  • Turn off all the settings that you can see on the screen. Namely, Real Time Protection, Cloud Delivered Protection, Automatic Sample Submission and Tamper Protection.
  • Now, go back to the location of the synaspe x zip file on your windows pc.
  • Select the file, right click on it and hit “Exract Here” option to unzip the file.

extract file to pc

  • Now, run the Synapsex Launcher on your personal computer.

run synapsex launcher

  • Double click the the installation file as shown in the above image.

install synapses x on windows 10

  • Hit “OK” when you see a dialogue box like that. Because, it requires downloading all important files from the official directory if it’s the first time that you are installing it on your pc.

synapes x download from directory

  • Now, you will see that all required files gets downloaded from the directory.
  • Double click the setup file now; you will see the Synapse X Loader checking for the required files.

synapse x loader windows

How To Login To Synapse X?

  • Launch the setup file on your windows pc by following the above guidelines.
  • Now, you will see the Synapse X Login Screen.

synapse x login on pc

  • Enter the Username and Password and hit “Login” to start using it.
  • If you haven’t created an account, you can register an account now, check below instructions.

How To Register With Serial Key?

  • As soon as you launch the executor, you will see the login option and few other options.
  • Hit “Want to register with serial key?” option.

synapse x registration on pc

  • Now, you will see various fields on the registration window.
  • Enter the Username that you want to have and Password as well.
  • Now, enter you email id and the “Serial Key”.
  • In order for you to enter the serial key, you should purchase the synapse x premium version from it’s official website

Download Synapse X Serial Key + Cracked Version

Since it is necessary to go with the premium version to get the key, a lot of users are searching for the cracked version. You can download synapse x cracked version on windows pc to get the key for free.

   Download Cracked + Serial Key

  • So, you can now download the cracked version from above.
  • Extract the zip file and double click the setup file to install it.
  • You don’t need to register an account with the serial key since you are installing mod.

That’s it! you can now enjoy all the premium features for free. Would like to run the scripts for the roblox game? check out the below instructions to join discord and run scripts afterwards.

How To Join To Synapse X Discord Server?

I hope you have logged in with your username and password. If not, go ahead and create the account. Otherwise, go with the crack and run it without having to register an account. If you are ready, check below instructions to join the discord server.

  • Once are logged into the account, you will be able to see a dialogue box like below.

synapse x account logged in

  • Hit “OK” and re-launch the executor.
  • When you launch the executor gain, it will download all important files such as DLL Files and CefSharp, SQLite, etc.
  • Later on, you should log into the discord server.

login to discord server

  • Hit “OK” button to close the window. You can actually log into Synapse Discord Server to get regular updates about the software and all important updates.

How To Execute Scripts for Roblox Using Synapse X Exploit?

  • Launch the executor on your windows pc and login to your account and join the discord server.
  • Now, you can see the exploit’s user interface like below.

synapse x script execution

  • On the home screen, you can see the script 1 tab and + symbol. If you want to add more tabs, you can click on the plus icon.
  • If you have a script with you, you can paste the script code there and hit “Execute” button.
  • Otherwise, you can hit “Open File” and select the script file from your pc and click on “Execute File” button to run the script.
  • On the other hand, you can manually write the code and save it to your pc by clicking the “Save File” button.

Synapse X script hub

  • You can go to “Script Hub” section to get the synapse x community scripts.
  • Dark Dex explorer has a lot of tools such as Workspace, Run Service, GUI Service, Stats, GuiRoot and SoundService, Non Replicated CSG Dictionary Service, etc.
  • You can also see a bunch of other things such as Unnamed ESP, Remote Spy and Script Dumper.
  • All these features are of little advanced level and you don’t need to touch anything if you are a newbie.

Do not forget the fact that you need to attach the game before you execute the scripts. Let’s say for example you want to execute a script for roblox so, you should first Attach Synapsex with Roblox game.

How To Attach SynapseX With Roblox?

It is very imporatnt to attach the synpase to roblox in order to execute the scripts. If you do not know how to attach it to the roblox, check below instructions.

  • Open a web browser on your windows pc. Prefer using Google Chrome browser for better user experience.
  • Go to website to login to roblox game in order to accomplish the attach procedure.
  • Once logged in, select any roblox game that you want to play.
  • Once the game gets started, launch Synapse Roblox Executor and hit “Attach” button now.

attach synapse x roblox

  • Now, you can see the progess (injecting…) & (Checking Whitelist…) & (Ready…) information on the synapse window.
  • Once the attach is ready, you can start executing the scripts for roblox.
  • To test things, go to Script Hub and hit “Execute” button to execute the Dark Dex script from the community.
  • In a similar manner, you can also execute Unnamed ESP to get even more features.

I hope that I have covered everything about Synapse X Executor on this article. If you would like to know more about it, let us know in the comments section below this article.

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