TG Macro Not Working / Installing / Automating Clicks [Fixed]

Is TG Macro Not Working for you? don’t worry! we will help you fix it. There are various instances where TG Macro might not work properly. Of course, it can be fixed by following the simple steps that we have shared on this page.

We all love playing games on pc over mobile devices. Many advanced gamers use auto clicker software, macro creators such as TG Macro. How it feels when they don’t work properly? I know that feeling and I can understand yours too. Let’s discuss the possible causes and solutions to fix tg macro not working issue.


Why TG Macro is Not Working?

There could be multiple reasons for this question. Some of them are listed down below. If any one of them matches with you, you will definitely get the solution to fix it.

  • Unsupported File Format Of TG Macro Software
  • Issues With Duplicate Hotkey Settings
  • Low End Personal Computer

Let’s now go one by one and discuss the steps to fix the issue right away. Would you like to improve the quality of Roblox Game? you can do that with the help of Roblox FPS Unlocker.

How To Fix TG Macro Not Working Issue?

1. Download & Install [TGMacro.exe] File

Lot of people will definitely get confused with the file format of the TG Macro software. When people download it from the official source (sourceforge page). They will download the file in .7z format. That is a big problem for many newbie gamers who don’t know how to use. Check out below tips to avoid or overcome the issue.

tg macro not installing

  • Download TGMacro.exe File from our website.
  • Run the software on your pc and see if things are working fine or not. I am pretty sure that it will work since it is available as an executable file. Do not worry if you are going to install TGMacro.msi file; you can install it directly.
  • Let’s say if you have downloaded tgmacro.7z file from the official website.
  • First, download 7 zip file from it’s official website.
  • Install 7 zip software on your windows pc.
  • Go to the location of the TGMacro.7z file and right click on it.
  • Hit “Extract with 7 Zip” option from the list.
  • The file will be extracted and you will be able to see TGMacro.msi file.
  • Double click the file to launch it.

I am pretty sure that it works if you are facing the TG Macro Not Installing issue. Why not try out Macro Gamer on your pc which has great features?.

2. Fix Duplicate Hotkey Settings

Hotkeys are in general very helpful to bind the macros and scripts to a certain key or key combinations. With the help of the hotkey commands, you can start or run the scripts and projects on TG macro. TG Macro may not work properly if there is a clash with the hotkeys between projects and scripts. Let’s now discuss more about it and fix it.

tg macro not working due to hotkey settings

  • Launch TG Macro on your personal computer.
  • Cross check the Hotkey Settings that you have set for the Start, Projects and Scripts individually.
  • If you notice that any two of them are using the same hotkey settings, kindly change one of them.
  • Put unique hotkey combination for Start, Projects and Scripts.
  • Because the same hotkey combination will hurt the program with a confusion what to execute.

Once everything is corrected, you will be able to launch and run the scripts without any issues.

3. Upgrade Your PC (or) Reduce The Click Load

When you are using a low end device but looking for speed clicks, that won’t work as expected. Because the low end devices will not handle high click rate which requires a lot of CPU usage. In such as case, you need to either upgrade your pc or reduce the click load. Let’s check out what you need to do in order to reduce speed of the clicks.

tgmacro not working fix

  • Run TG Macro software on your personal computer.
  • Create the project or import it from your files. Check out the guide to Import TG Macro Project.
  • Hit “Edit” option which is available besides the project.
  • Select the Script and click “Adjust Timing” icon, which is the 5th icon from the vertical list.
  • Now, increase the wait time and test things.
  • If not working as required, increase the wait time to each one of the scripts that you see in the project.
  • That should work for sure now.

4. Try The Alternatives

If you feel that tgmacro is still not working, you can try out the TG Macro Alternatives. If you would like to try out the script executors, you can also do that. We have writted detailed guides to help you with their installation. Mentioned some best executors and auto clickers below, you can try them out.

This is how you can fix TG Macro Not Working Issue on your pc. Be it with the installation or with the hotkey malfuctioning or with the speed of the clicks. We have updated this article with some good alternatives such as Macro Creators and Roblox Script Executors. Need to ask us something? visit our Contact Us page and send your doubts or comment below this page.

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