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TGM Gaming Macro is one of the heavily underrated macro creator apps. It is completely a free app and it has superb features. Gamers can make use of the settings of this app and play their favorite games like never before. If you don’t want to take the hassle of configuring the TG Macro Settings, You can just Download TG Macro Settings File from this page.

Being a gamer, I know the degree of pressure and the amount of stress in setting things up for the gameplay. Be it a beginner or a pro gramer; that confusion will always be there with the macro software.

tgmacro settings da hood roblox

It’s because that individual software will have it’s own settings and shortcuts, etc. Now, you don’t need to worry about it.


TG Macro Settings Download [speed.tmacroproj]

We have gone through each and every single step and corner of the tgm macro settings. Found some interesting things that we are going to give you in the form of a tmacroproj file.

Check out the download link shared below and download the updated tgmacro settings file for your convenience.

   TGM Macro Settings File

Download the file from the above link. The file named “speed.tmacroproj” will be saved to your personal computer. Make sure that you know the location of the file on your pc. Check out the interesting guide about Speed Glitch in Da Hood.

How To Import TGM Macro Settings File?

Now, you have downloaded the settings and you want to import it right?. Let’s go through the simple steps shared below.

  • I hope that you already have tg macro on your pc. Else, download tg macro for pc from our download page and move it to the desktop.
  • Double click the tgmacro.exe file on your windows pc.

tg macro settings

  • Go to “File” options which is the very first option at the header of the window.

import tgmacro settings script

  • Hit “Import Project” option and navigate to the location of the tg macro settings file.
  • Select speed.tmacroproj file and hit “Open” button.
  • The file will be imported into the TGMacro software.

tgm macro settings

  • Now the project is completely loaded. You can use the macro key “Q” on your keyboard to start the project.
  • Make sure that you need to Enable TG Macro by pressing the Enable {Home} button or press the HOME button on the keyboard. Is hotkeys not working properly? check out the easy guide to Fix TG Macro Not Working error right away.

That’s all! you can now enjoy playing your favorite games such as Roblox Da Hood with TG Macro Settings. You may also play the other games such as Minecraft, Cookie Clicker, etc.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the best settings for tgm macro. I have just downloded and imported file and played the games… much thanks again.

  2. Thanks for sharing the tgmacro settings file for everybody. How did you create it actually? I’m just curious enough to know!.

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