TinyTask v1.77 – Download TinyTask Auto Clicker for PC [Windows]

TinyTask is a simple and sleek auto clicker in the automation tools category. It’s the most light weight software that you can see on your pc. When launched, a tiny taskbar kind of a small window will open up which stays always on top. It allows you configure various tasks and automate all of them with record and playback option.

Even though it looks simple, TinyTask carries a really good number of features. Using which you can record the entire screen of your computer there by all the actions that you do while recording. On the other hand, it allows you playback the recording thus helping you repeat the same tasks. If you would like to download tinytask for pc, you are most welcome.

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I always recommend my users to read the features first because, one should understand the software before they download it. That is the reason why we prefer to explain the features of any software before giving them the download option.

Check out the features below if you are a newbie. You can skip it and take a jump to the download section in case if you do not want to waste your precious time.

TinyTask Features:

Check out the below features in order to understand the abilities and qualities of the software. Which in return help you while using it on your pc.

tinytask pc

  • Record

The very first feature that I would like to talk about is, “Record”. By hitting the record option, tinytask software will start recording the screen of your computer. It means that it will create the entire screen with whatever actions that you do while recording. TG Macro can also do the same job, consider trying it out.

Let’s say for example, you open a notepad and type some information and close it. On the other hand, you open a web browser and go to a website and so on.

Everything will be recorded by the tiny task software. Once you are done, hit the “Record” button again to stop it. Now, you have created a macro which has all the tasks that you have made on your pc. You can also set the personal hotkeys to Record option which allows you start and stop when a hotkey is pressed.

  • Play

Play option is nothing but playback of your recorded macro. When you hit the play option direct or with the hotkey, it will start repeating the tasks. Which means that whatever the tasks such as opening a note pad, entering some text and again closing it will be performed again.

It will also perform the task of opening a web browser and visiting a webpage on your pc. Once the macro action is over, it will be stopped automatically. This is how anyone can automate things on their devices. In fact, OP Auto Clicker also has the Record & Playback option for your convenience.

  • Save

This is the second option from the floating taskbar. Upon clicking it, the tinytask software will open up a window where you can give a name to the macro and hit save. The recorded macro will be saved in the (.rec) format.

  • Open

This is the very first option on the floating taskbar of the tinytask software. Upon hitting the option, you will notice that the software will launch a window where you can select the previously saved macro file (.rec) and import it into the software.

That way, you can save and import the macros anytime you want to play game or perform a specific action on your pc. You can also import the macros in a similar manner in Macro Gamer as well.

  • Play Speed

The TinyTask software has various other features under “Preferences”. One of the most important features is Play Speed. You may select the predefined play speeds such as 1/2, 1x (original), 2x and 100x. On the other hand, it also allows you put the custom play speed by from 1 to 100 or anything in between.

When you select the playspeed to 2x for example, your macro will work 2x faster than the actual speed. It’s the same with the other speeds as well. Don’t you have enough resources for faster playback speed, use FPS Unlocker to improve the quality of graphics and speed.

  • Continouse Playback / Set Repeat Count

It is super easy to set a continuous playback of the macro to create a loop around it. Which means that the TinyTask will perform the continous actions until you stop it. You don’t need to worry about stopping the macro action as you will have the option to stop it from the floating task bar.

Otherwise, you can go for the option “Set Repeat Count”. It will help you repeat the actions for the given number of times. Once the count is done, it will stop repeating the actions and it’s as simple as that.

We leave some options and settings to yourself so that, you can explore your knowledge on your own. Let’s now download the software on your pc.

TinyTask Download for PC (Windows 11/10/8.1/7)

TinyTask is a windows based software which cannot be installed on a mac or linux computer. Go to our Blog Section to find out the suitable software for your mac or linux based computer. Okay, let’s now download tinytask for pc from the below download button.

   Download Now

The file that you have downloaded above is an executable file. That can be directly installed on any windows based pc. Do you know how to install it? check out the below section. If you are not happy with it, don’t worry, there are number of alternatives to try out, give them a shot.

How To Install TinyTask.exe On Windows PC?

  • Did you download the file? if not, download it from the above section of this article.
  • Navigate to the location of the software on your windows pc.
  • Select the file and double click it to launch.
  • Otherwise, right click on it and select the option “Run As Administrator” option.
  • That will now launch the tinytask software’s floating toolbar on your windows pc.

That’s it! you can now try out all the options of the software. Just read the features section to understand what are the things that you can play around with it. If you need any help regarding it’s usage, comment below your requirement.

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