Mahdi Auto Clicker – A Simple Mac App To Simulate Mouse Clicks

Mahdi Auto Clicker is a simple application to simulate the mouse clicks on Apple Laptops and PCs. When it comes to auto clicker app for apple devices, the availability of them is quite less when compared with Windows and Android devices. In such a situation, the developer named “Mahdi Bchatnia” have come up with a wonderful app called Mahdi Auto Clicker.

User Interface of the app is very simple and comes with a dark theme by default. But, it has some mind blowing features for all the macbook users. It is fully customizable and configurable based on the user’s objectives. If you would like to know more about it and download it now, just stick to this article till the end.


Is Mahdi Auto Clicker A Malware?

No! it is not a malware at all. It is one of the safest auto clickers that we can download without any fear. We have scanned the software and the url of the official website as well through virustotal portal and the results are completely safe.

is mahdi autoclicker a malware

Features Of Mahdi AutoClicker v2.0.5

Don’t expect much from it because, it’s a simple auto clicker with basic features. Let us discuss them one by one now.

mahdi auto clicker

  • Automatic clicks with Left, Right and Middle mouse buttons.
  • Click (n) number of times with your Left, Right or Middle mouse button per Second / Minute / Hour.
  • Start clicking after (n) Seconds / Minutes / Hours.
  • Stop clicking after (n) Seconds / Minutes / Hours.
  • Click only if the mouse is stationary for (n) number of seconds or longer.
  • Start / Stop hotkey settings to conveniently start and stop automatic clicks with keyboard key(s).
  • Maximum number of clicks per second is 900 clicks/second. Speed Auto Clicker is way faster and better in term of the maxmium number of clicks per second.

It has some advanced features as well. If you are curious enough to know about them, get it installed on your pc and try them on your own.

Download Mahdi Auto Clicker 2.0.5 for Mac (Latest Version)

Mahdi auto clicker 2.0.5 is the latest version of the app which was updated on 1st, April, 2023. There are couple of older versions as well but the new version is stable and working pretty fine on most of the Mac OS devices such as Macbook Pro/Air and iMac. Download it now and enjoy autoclicking on your macbook from today. Auto Clicker v2.0.5

Windows Users Can Download:

Download the app from the above button and save it as a zip file to your macbook. Once it is downloaded directly from it’s official website, you can readily install it. In case if you need a helping hand, look for instructions written by us in the below section.

How To Install Auto Clicker on Mac in April 2023?

Here is a short guide about the installation process for you.

  • Download the app from the above download button on your macbook.
  • Go to file location on your device and extract it into a folder.
  • You can use the winrar or 7zip or any other unzipping tools to extract the zip file.
  • Now, launch the Applications folder on your macbook.
  • Select the extracted folder of the auto clicker and drop the same into the Applications folder of your macbook.
  • Restart your macbook now and go to Applications section to launch the mahdi auto clicker now.

That is actually the easiest yet straightforward method to install any mac application. You may launch the auto clicker now and configure it according to your goals and objectives. If you have no idea about it’s usage, consider spending at least one minute on the below section.

How To Use Mahdi Auto Clicker To Play Games on Macbook?

Roblox is a widely popular online gaming portal/hub for gamers around the globe for age above 9 years. It has millions of games to play and hundred thousands of game developers in the platform. Let’s say that you want to play some famous roblox game called Blox Fruits.

  • Firstly, download and install the mahdi auto clicker app on your macbook.
  • Go to website and create an account (if you are a new game). Or, enter your roblox account details and login with your username and password.
  • Once logged in, select the Blox Fruits game from the dashboard if you can see it directly after logging in.
  • Otherwise, use the search bar and find out the Blox Fruits game in roblox platform.
  • Hit “Play” button which is in the green color and you can see that the game gets intialized.
  • Launch the mahdi autoclicker on your macbook now and do not make any changes to the default settings.
  • Just tap the “Start” button and you can see things with a different perspective now.

Try this method for couple of times by making some changes to the default settings. After some trails, you will come to know the actual usage of the tool and I hope, you will be a master of using it on your macbook. If you want to create a macro, TGMacro is the one and only option that you have.

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