TG Macro Alternatives – Top 6 Best Macro Creators & Auto Clickers

Looking for the TG Macro Alternatives? We have shared around 6 best alternatives that you can use right away. Although TG Macro is a good one, some people might not like it’s settings or there could be some other reason. In such a case, they can play their favorite games by using any of the below alternative macro creators and auto clickers.

In case if you would want to try out the TG Macro with Best Speed Settings, read this beautiful guide. Check out the guide to Fix TG Macro Not Working issue if you wish to continue with it. Otherwise, you can pick any of the alternative software that we have listed down.


Top 6 TG Macro Alternatives

  • Macro Gamer:

The very first one in this list is the Macro Gamer. It is such a best software that can handle all the hassle which you want it to carry out. Macro Gamer was developed by iToady whose is an expert in creating macro software. The software has a minimalistic user interface but it has all mouth watering features that a typical gamer would want to have.

You can just create a macro by clicking the “Start Recording” option. Once the recording is started, click on the keys that you want and even hold them for quite sometime and again repeat the actions all you want to have in the macro.

tg macro alternatives

Once you are done with thre recording, hit “Stop Recording”. Now, you can edit each step of the macro that you have created. Modify the delay at each step and apply the custom time frame like say for example, 0.01 and so on. Check out the simple guide that we have written on Speed Glitch Macro Gamer In Da Hood.

To download macro gamer, head over to the official website

  • OP Auto Clicker:

OP Auto Clicker is not a full fledged macro creator like TG Macro and Macro Gamer. Even though it is not, it’s our first choice for getting automated clicks for the given time interval. Yes, you cannot actually set the custom delay’s for each click action but you can set the same time interval between consecutive clicks.

Other than that, you can get everything from the op auto clicker 4.0. The new version of the software comes with partial macro creation with an option called “Record & Playback”. Using that option, you can create a macro with the clicks wherever you want on the screen.

op auto clicker download pc

Afterwards, you can use that as your input and start playing the game (roblox or minecraft or any other game). It is the best in terms of handling clicks at multiple locations of the screen with specific speed. Let’s say you want faster clicks, you can use 20 or 10 milliseconds as your time interval. Want to play roblox with higher frame rate per second? let’s download roblox fps unlocker.

Do not forget to select the “Current Location” option for the cursor location. It means that you will get clicks wherever you place your cursor in the game.

   OP Auto Clicker

  • TinyTask:

TinyTask is a full fledged macro creator like the macro gamer and tg macro with some additional features. The user interface of the software is very minimal and simple. The navigation system of the software is just mind blowing and user won’t get confused at all. TinyTask is the most easiest software from the beginner point of view.

By using tinytask on your pc, you will be able to create a macro with clicks, mouse moves and keyboard key action as well. Once the macro is created, you can’t edit and that is the problem with it. But you can customize the execution of the macro from the speed perspective.

alternatives to tg macro

If you want the macro to be executed in 2x or 3x, you can do that. In fact, it allows you set the maximum speed of upto 100x. On the other hand, you can enter the custom speed for the macro to execute while in the game.


  • AutoHotKey (AHK):

The short form of the AutoHotKey software is AHK. The developers have come up with the AHK v2, which is the latest version with a lot of performance improvements. The bugs which were there in the old version of the software are no more exisited.

By using the AutoHotKey software on your pc, you can automate almost anything. It allows you create macros conveniently. In fact, it’s the best one when it comes to automate a peice of text or to automate things with the keyboard shortcuts.

autohotkey has better features than tg macro

When it comes to playing games, it allows you record the series of actions. Then, you can edit each step and customize the same according in a way to get the best gaming experience with it. Don’t forget to download it from the below button.

   AutoHotKey V2

  • Pulover’s Macro Creator:

Pulover’s macro creator is one of the oldest software but the developer is very active. They have been releasing the regular updates for the user convenience. We can say that pulover’s macrocreator is one of the best alternatives to tg macro and any other software that we have listed down in this article.

It allows you create macros by using all the advanced features that are very rare to be seen in the other software. Literally, you can do anything with it. If you are good in coding and scripting things, you can edit the script of the macro that you have created.

pulover's similar software to tg macro

There are a lot of features to explore; everything is neatly organised with a task bar above at the header. It is my personal choice because I use it all the time whenever I want to play a game such as Roblox, FreeFire, Pubg and Fortinite, etc.

  • Macro Recorder:

Macro Recorder is one of the finest alternatives to tg macro software. It has a lot of advanced featuers such as the pulover’s macro creator. We can capture the mouse movements, mouse clicks from the left mouse button or right mouse button or from the center mouse button. On the other hand, we can also capture the keyboard actions such as typing, key shortcuts and hotkeys.

Despite being the advanced level of a software, it didn’t get the expore that the other software has got. Still there are a lot of gamers who use macro recorder and love it to the core. One of the finest features of the macro creator is that it can detect the image and take the action according to the macro that you assign to it.

macro recorder as an alternative to tgmacro

It shows you the status of the task from the macro. Like say for example you have created a macro with mouse moves, opening outlook and check for the new emails, and some mouse clicks on the screen. Whenever a particular task is accomplished, it will update the status in the software. Interested in trying it out? get it from the below link.

   Macro Recorder

Those are the best tg macro alternatives to try out today. Let us know if you know any other software with great features such as the above software. You can comment below which one of them is your favorite and also let us know your feedback through the comments below this article.

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